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25 April 2013

10:22am, Thursday


Back in Christchurch, New Zealand


I know I haven’t been the best at updating on what’s actually happening here at Adventures of Tin. The status updates on facebook, photo uploads and blog posts are from months ago – not only due to the fact that it’s hard to find high-speed internet in Africa but also because I’ve always been on the go during my time there. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast and definitely can’t wait to go back but I think the pace that I took the trip was not the best. I admit that the plans were very ambitious and that I didn’t really expect the changes that happened. After a few weeks of travelling, I felt exhausted, tired and stressed. (I will get into detail when I publish 40 Days and Nights in West Africa)


Originally, my travel buddy and I planned to visit the 15 ECOWAS States with my 6 weeks there. See, VERY AMBITIOUS, RIGHT?! Not only that we’re in a hurry but how the hell is that even possible?! In the end, I only got to visit 4 countries – Ghana, Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire and Togo. Though only 4 of the ‘dreamt’ 15 was covered, I’ve learned and experienced a lot and most of all, I am so determined to go back! I actually can’t wait to go back! :)


At the moment, I’m back in Christchurch, New Zealand, freezing (and it’s only autumn!!) and trying to reset my body clock. While doing so, I’ll be organizing the thousands of photos and videos from my trip and share with you guys and gals my African Adventure! :)


Here’s a preview of my trip in a collage of my photos where I seem to have the habit of raising my hands when i pose :)

So Raise Your Hand, TinTIn!!

So Raise Your Hand, TinTin!!



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