Tiger Kingdom: Conquering Animal Fear Stage 1

Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai

Trying to look comfy while laying my head on a sleeping tiger… and no, the tiger wasn’t drugged, just asleep!


I’ve never been fond of pets – never had a cat, a dog, even a pet bird. I can’t even remember having some fishes in a bowl while growing up. Our home was “pet-free” during my childhood. I am allergic to cat hair, any hairy animal. I sneeze and then start having watery eyes when a cat is around and of course, it’s hair’s everywhere. Then my eyes become itchy… I am terrified of snakes and I got chased by a dog who almost bit me when I was around 8 or 9. So there you go, a reason for not really adoring animals…

Before arriving in Chiang Mai, I’ve seen photos of friends and other bloggers with tigers. I wasn’t even aware there are tigers in Thailand. They all look happy posing with tigers – big ones, medium sized ones and even photos with baby tigers. I admired them for having the guts to do it, coz I myself know I won’t be able to pose or even smile like that with a tiger beside me.

When I arrived in Chiang Mai and met up with Anthony Middleton of Man vs. Clock, we got into talking about things to do in Chiang Mai. He was at that moment quite busy working on his websites (yes, he have a few others aside from Man vs. Clock) so we sort of agreed going to one attraction in Chiang Mai during my 1 week stay there. Since I was able to make him go Latin Dancing in Chiang Mai with me, (dancing infront of people is one of his greatest fears!) I agreed to go to Tiger Kingdom, so we’re square! Hahaha

Here’s a peak on our day with tigers at Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai! :)


Tigers at Tiger Kingdom

Tigers at Tiger Kingdom


Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai

Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai – We were told to approach them from behind! haha


Tigers, awake, alive, enthusiastic!!



I don't look scared, right? :)

I don’t look scared, right? :) It actually took ages to get this shot!



Anthony got a "well-deserved" kick!!!

Anthony got a “well-deserved” kick!!!

On the other hand, Anthony was having a wee play with the tigers while I was scared to death! (He kept on disturbing the sleeping tiger and got himself a well-deserved kick!)

Here we go again, the poser! Posing like he's on holiday and he owns the world, having a tiger as his pillow!

Here we go again, the poser! Posing like he’s on holiday and he owns the world, having a tiger as his pillow!


It was quite a long day as we had to fall in line (man it was long!) at every cage. Anthony did the whole package – large, medium, small and baby tigers, I only did two. I am well aware I don’t have tha much strength to deal with all of them! There are packages you can choose from and you can even hire your own photographer or just use your own camera. For more photos of our Tiger Kingdom Adventure, please visit my facebook page, Adventures of Tin – Tiger Kingdom: Conquering Animal Fear – Stage 1.

Ciao and Happy travels!!!

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