About Tin

Hi!! I'm Tin!!

Hi!! I’m Tin!!


Hi!!! I’m Tin and I’m a Filipina.


In 2006, I left the Philippines after a surprising job offer to Dubai. Since then a lot of oppurtunities popped out of no where and now I am living in New Zealand. (from the desert to the pacific!)


Life out of the ordinary is the life I try to live. I grab opportunities as they come, trust my instinct and not let fear conquer the fabulous-ness of life outside my comfort zone. Being a Filipino, it’s in my nature to try to survive even the toughest of situations and still find a reason to be happy even in the darkest of times.

At Ferrymead Hearitage Park

At Ferrymead Heritage Park


I am a happy person. :) Simple things make me happy. It’s fulfillment for me when I inspire other people to be happy and live a happy life.

Three things that I am most passionate about are TRAVELING, DANCING & PHOTOGRAPHY. I love TRAVELING and learning and immensing myself in different cultures – eating local cuisine, talking to people, listening to thier stories, playing with kids and appreciating the beautiful surroundings.

Dancing is probably the one thing that keeps me more and more alive everyday. I LOVE to DANCE and I LOVE to PARTY, Latin Style! Actually, one of my biggest dreams is to travel around Latin America and dance till my feet hurts!


I love to dance! Esp Salsa! :)

I love to dance! Esp Salsa! :)

Adventures of Tin is a personal travel website dedicated on inspiring people, conquering fears and living dreams. In this website, I’ll be sharing my adventures and ‘mis-adventures’ – no experience in life is ever wasted, we always learn something in anything we do.

My life isn’t always a bed of roses and I go through tough times as well but I always try to find reasons to smile and continue living. We only get to live once and I don’t plan on wasting it on not being HAPPY! :)

I can tell you more about myself on this page but I think I’d let you read my adventure posts and then you’ll find out who I really am. :)


Here’s to living a very happy life to the fullest! :)

I love taking sunrise photos... :) Here's one from when I still live in Blenheim :)

I love taking sunrise photos… :) Here’s one from when I still live in Blenheim :)

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